The crossroads is where I feel most at home, liminal space between good and evil, this world and the Otherworld, where the sacred and the profane meet and blur, changing one into the other. Writing speculative and dark fiction is one way I explore this space.
Myth, mysticism, folk lore, the supernatural and magic are favourite sources of inspiration. I enjoy exploring psychological, feminist, dystopian and transgressive themes.
I began writing stories at about age eight and have always written throughout my life, in one form or another.

Originally from Italy, I’ve travelled a lot and have lived in the UK and Japan. Currently home is the Northern Rivers, Australia. My partner and our young daughters live in a cabin in the bush with snakes, lizards, frogs, wallabies and many other wild housemates.
When not writing I’m hanging out in my art studio, I’m a visual artist and craftsperson by training.
My other favourite place to be is deep in the woods at twilight when pacts with dark fairies are readily made. In exchange for fragments of my soul they whisper stories in my ear and I write them down. At the moment we are working on a short story collection and a novella.

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