Introducing 13Dark

A few months back author and editor Joseph Sale invited me onboard 13Dark, an ambitious new dark fiction magazine he is publishing. I’m thrilled to be involved and it has been exciting to witness the project slowly come to fruition. 
My work will be in great company including both established and emerging voices ~ Richard Thomas, Moira Katson, Christa Wojciechowski, Eden Royce, Samuel Parr, Andy Cashmore, Tice Cin, Matthew Blackwell, Jamie Parry-Bruce, Anthony Self, Tomek Dzido and Ross Jeffery. Stories will be accompanied by original artwork by Shawn Langley. The focus of stories in 13Dark will be themes of the sacred and profane at the intersection of genre and literary fiction. Gamut and STORGY Magazine have generously offered partner benefits and support.

The project has undergone some changes in format as we have endeavoured to raise the funds needed to produce the magazine and pay the authors and artist. Our initial Kickstarter campaign didn’t meet our target but was successful in raising huge support and interest. The amount of money that was pledged was very encouraging.

The current plan is to release 4 issues of 13Dark, with 3 stories per issue, each issue accompanied by original artwork. This will allow us to crowd fund for each individual issue as we go along. Raising smaller amounts is easier and a more successful approach than trying to raise a huge chunk of money all at once.

A few days ago we launched our new campaign on Indiegogo to fund Issue#1 and we are already more than 50% funded.

Issue#1 of 13Dark will feature fiction from Samuel Parr, Tice Cin and Ross Jeffery, three new voices in dark, weird fiction.
Visit our Indiegogo page to read samples of their work and perhaps, if you’re feeling generous, add a few dollars towards our goal to ensure 13Dark becomes a reality. There are some cool goodies up for grabs for backers.

Check out our gorgeous cover for Issue#1 Dead Voices

Visit our Indiegogo page

Like 13Dark on Facebook and follow us on Twitter



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