Book Release: Songs of The Black Flame

Songs of The Black Flame was released in March this year. I’m proud to have six poems included in this collection of original poetry and art, published by Black Moon Publishing and edited by Diane Narraway.
Contributors include Emma Doeve, Orlee Stewart, Gavin Dylan Sodo, Gillian Macdonald, Geraldine Lambert, Sam R. Geraghty, Laurie Pneumatikos, Eirwen Morgan, Diane Narraway, Bill Duvendack, Jaclyn Cherie, Defoe Smith, Lou Hotchkiss Knives, Matthew Levi Stevens and Linda Cunningham.

“The Fallen Bright Angel is the very figure of rebellion. As ‘weavers will look for patterns, junkies for escapes,’ rebels seek freedom and shoulder the responsibility with which it is accompanied. Songs of the Black Flame is an intimate look into how Lucifer shines ever brightly in the lives of 16 Luciferians. This is a book written by rebels whose songs burn with determination, honesty, integrity and passion. It interweaves personal experience, poetry, art and magick to form a substantial chariot capable of carrying the reader into the realm of Lucifer.” Diane Narraway

Songs of The Black Flame is a companion to the popular  Lucifer: Light Of The Aeon released in September 2016 by the same editor, authors and publishing team. Lucifer: Light of The Aeon is a collection of essays, art, poetry and ritual works with a very personal and experiential emphasis.

Both books have received several five star reviews on Amazon. We are currently working on a third book in this series which will include essays, art, poetry and rituals celebrating the dark divine feminine, a subject dear to my heart. Because the Dark Mother is such a personal and powerful reality for me, I’m having a gruelling time writing material for the book. It’s kind of wonderful! We are aiming for a mid 2018 release, keep in touch with our developments on our community Facebook page.

Songs of The Black Flame and Lucifer:Light of The Aeon are both available on Amazon.


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