Make Over

I began this blog in 2013 and I really appreciate the followers and friends I have made along the way. The encouragement and support I’ve received has meant so much to me, it has helped me define my work as an author and shape my goals for the future.
I began writing for Pen of The Damned two years ago and have been hard at work writing material for anthologies.

My focus at the moment is working on a collection of short stories for publication, bringing together my work of the past few years and writing some new material too. It has been surprisingly difficult and challenging, involving lots of editing and some major rewriting, and I am nowhere near reaching my goal just yet! I also have a poetry collection that I want to complete and have been work on a novella too.

This blog began as a platform to post stories and poetry but I don’t use it for that purpose anymore and it has become a little neglected. I think it’s time for a make over and to set a new direction. I’ve deleted a lot of old work and removed work I’m currently editing.
My new vision for this site is to use it to share my thoughts about writing, to explore the ideas that inspire my fiction, and write some book reviews and author interviews.
Watch this space.


Image: Julio Romero de Torres (1874-1930), Salomé.


4 thoughts on “Make Over

  1. You are a constant source of delight and inspiration, lovely lady and I look forward with great anticipation to those future publishings you mention.
    Your writing is of the highest standard and a major influence on the work of many, myself included.
    I wish you continued success in everything you do!

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